Meet the Author at the Controllers Xchange on 6th October, Düsseldorf

The Performance Management Association (PMA) and the Ambassador Group (Lukas Michel, SPHERE Advisors) are organizing a meeting for Performance Management and Controlling experts in Düsseldorf, Germany. This event offers a series of workshops and discussions by academics and practitioners relating to the current topics of performance management.

As a guest-speaker, Professor Andy Neely will deliver the key note and participate at the podium discussion structured around the following topics:

• Performance Measurement: Challenges and concepts that work
• Controlling systems: Opportunities and solutions in practice
• Implementation: Hurdles and results
• Business Performance Management: Planning, Budgeting and Performance Reviews
• Individual Performance Management: Myth MbO and alternatives
• Infrastructure: How to integrate the individual and the institutional performance management

You can download the presentation by Andy Neely here:

Six workshops in the areas of control, performance management, finance, human resources, strategy, risk, governance and compliance will be held on one day. The detailed description and the agenda can be found here:

You will meet me there.

Follow the link for more information:

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